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Recording of the Week – La Famille Maestro

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Album: La Famille Maestro Best of Opus 1 and 2

Why it Should Be Part of Your Listening

It’s the most brilliant thing to have playing in your car for your kids! Every song is a children’s tune based on a famous classical piece of music. Educate yourself, your kids and have so much fun with it. Bonus, you get some French language learning in there too since it’s in French. We are not French speakers and I’m playing this album all the time right now.

Extra Effort that’s Worth It

Brownie points and uber award for excellent parenting if you make a playlist with the actual original classical works so you hear the real thing.  Play it also in the car or in the background at home. I’m so excited about this idea that if you contact me saying you are listening to these guys, I’ll send you a CD of the original classics in the mail for $10. One step down from that, take a peak at the CD case or song title occasionally and find out the real name of the piece of music being covered. You’ll sound extra cultured at your next wine and cheese…. or, more realistically, chatting with other parents at the park!

Where to Find the CD and the Artists

Unfortunately they don’t make it very easy to buy their music.  You can request it through their site. (If you find another place please let me know in the comments of this post) or they are on Soundcloud.

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