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Album of the Week – Juno Award Winner Diana Panton’s Children’s Album

I Believe in Little Things

Hurrah for this beautiful and creative album of Diana Panton’s!  I was so thrilled when I found out her album “I Believe in Little Things” had won Best Children’s Album of the Year at the 2017 Juno’s.   This is an album you will love to listen to even without your kids around.  Believe it or not I have already put this on, poured myself a glass of wine and done some Sunday evening cooking for the week after Evan went to bed!

I suppose it should be no surprise to me that this artist created such a winner.  Parents can be assured that behind the music is a winner of a person too.  I collaborated with Diana for a Jazz concert a couple of years ago at Hamilton Place and was struck by her approachable, kind and open spirit.  Interesting fact about Diana; she has what is called synesthesia which is when one sense is stimulated by another sense.  In Diana’s case she sees colours when she hears music depending on the key and the pitches.  There is a connection in her brain between the part that processes colour and the part that processes what she’s hearing.  Very few people have this – pretty cool!  Here’s an article on the phenomenon.

Things I love about this album aside from Diana’s sweet, addictive voice.

  1. The production. You feel like you are in a room with her, the band and yourself.  Crystal, clear and pure sounding.  It matches the quality of her voice so well.  Love it.
  2. The conversations you can have with your child that it creates. Some lyrics are in French, there are instrument solos you can point out “that’s a cello” “that’s a guitar”, some of the songs are from movies you can watch together (The Muppet Movie), so many jumping off points.
  3. These are jazzy versions of songs you may already have listened to with your child and if you haven’t you can add them to your playlists to open up the idea that there are so many ways to interpret the same piece of music. Kind of like when someone has a different accent or speaks a different language.